The Tip of the Spear

CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Chinook

The tragic loss of a Chinook helicopter laden with the best and most capable fighting team in the world completely overshadowed the continuing bad news about our financial situation and with good reason. No matter what happens in the market, it is mere dross, material loss. The loss of the Chinook and its personnel can never be replaced, and has effect not only on this generation but on succeeding generations as well.

How is it that the most powerful country in history, these United States, has elected to fight four wars—the war on terror, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya—on terms dictated by a rag-tag bunch of radicals whose only philosophy is to kill. They kill Americans, fellow Muslims, even family members in compliance with a religion that values murder above tolerance and mercy.

If the United States practiced medicine as it practices warfare, it would give up antibiotics and instead try to kill each squirming bit of bacteria with an alcohol swab. The comparison is valid; our terrorist enemies are the MRSA of humanity, and we try to win their hearts and minds with schools, generators, wells and the occasional PGM. Our proper targets are the governments of the countries which support—passively and actively—these “radical” elements who are in fact advancing the basic policy of all the Muslim countries.

The sad truth is that our government has become a wealthy political oligarchy, with Congressmen as royalty and Presidents as Kings; the only aim of this ridiculous group, who exposed their vile stupidity in the specious debt-limit debate, is to get re-elected and so to continue plundering the productive people of the country. One in seven Americans is getting food stamps, that means something like 42 million people getting their bread from a declining, frightened, work force.

Being down graded from AAA to AA+ is nothing. What is horrifying is being downgraded from a country that was willing to fight for the right, whose people supported its government, and whose government abided by the Constitution to the sorry state in which we find ourselves. We are a one-step from bankruptcy and two-steps from a dictatorship.

There is talk about “the revolt of the generals and the admirals” when faced with the coming committee-induced decapitation of our armed forces. Lets not talk about a revolt, let’s see the resignations, the careers sacrificed, the statements made by our four-stars, in concert, and against the total defeat of the United States by the current rush to Socialism.

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