The North American T-6

AT-6C Texans

AT-6C Texans in flight, c.1943

The North American T-6. With more than 15,000 built, the T-6 probably trained more pilot of the United States and its allies than any other. It was the ideal WW II advanced trainer, for it was demanding enough to fly to make sure that pilots could go on to the P-51 or P-47. A sturdy aircraft, it could do most aerobatics even by ham-handed pilots. Landing was not easy—you had to be careful all the way from touch downs to the chocks going in place, for the T-6 could get away from you. Ruggedly built to stand up to the hard training regime, the T-6 also served as a Forward Air Control aircraft in Korea, and as a light attack aircraft for many smaller countries.


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