Listing of CLash of Wings episodes on Military Channel

This URL will take you to a wikipedia article on Wingspan's Clash of Wings series of episodes. It is a good right up except that it does not give enough credit to John Honey or to the film researchers who did such great work in insuring accuracy.

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Rickenbacker the Warrior

Rickenbacker never downed a triplane.

RICKENBACKER THE WARRIOR If you seek a definition of warrior, there is one word that says it all: Rickenbacker. Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, as he has come down to us in legend, was a warrior in two wars, becoming the American Ace of Aces in 1918, and demonstrating rare qualities of leadership and courage during World ...

Testing Air Defenses

UNTESTED PHOENIX: AMERICAN AIR DEFENSE When two Boeing F-15A Eagles from the Louisiana Air Guard's 159th Fighter Wing intercepted two Tupelov Tu 95 Bear bombers near Icelandic air space a few years ago, their wings cast a shadow back over more than eighty years of air defense history. In April, 1916, no less a visionary ...

Gee Bee Genius: Howell Miller

/HOWELL MILLERS MAC-1 In the early 1930s, the name Gee Bee became synonymous with speed as the bullet-shaped racers blazed a winning trail at Cleveland. Yet the beautiful planes, with their gleaming red and white finish, soon acquired the reputation as pilot killers. And so they were—in the 1930s. The Granville Brothers—Zantford, Thomas, Robert, Edward, ...