How the UBL Raid Illustrates the Premise of My Latest Book

Stealth Blackhawk

Artist's conception of stealth-modified Blackhawk

The recent wonderful mission that took out Osama bin Laden perfectly illustrates the twin thrusts of my new book How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare. On one hand it demonstrates how the helicopter is the only vehicle that could have accomplished this daring mission. On the other hand it shows that the richest nation on Earth is putting its combat personnel in jeopardy by making them use designs that are twenty and thirty years old.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare recounts the whole history of the helicopter in warfare, from its first employment in Burma in 1944 to the latest events. It charts the massive, wasteful R&D efforts that failed, points out the exact reasons for their failures, and outlines a new method to get new, better, helicopters faster.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare first and foremost pays tribute to the heroic air crews that flew them and magnificent ground crews that maintained them, and tells of the great exploits of some of the leading helicopter teams. It also enumerates the leaders in the services who tried in vain to keep helicopter procurement advancing.

How the Helicopter Changed Modern Warfare shows how we are fighting wars with fifth generation jet fighters, but first and second generation helicopters. It is dedicated to the heroic crew members who fly and fight as the spearhead of American military might.

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