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  1. Christopher Scharping

    I met you at the NASM in DC in 1988. I know you weren’t the director there but when I told you I was an Air Force historian, you took me on the cook’s tour and even included Silver Hill. I was looking for space-related photos and lithos to decorate the new headquarters for the 2nd Space Wing at Falcon AFS at that time. What was your position during that the summer of ’88? I know you were writing a lot but I wondered what else you were into at that time that kept you connected to the museum. Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

    Christopher B. Scharping, SMsgt, USAF-Ret

    • Hello, Christopher, if I may use your first name.

      I think it is possible that you may have the date confused, as I’d left the Museum in 1986. Perhaps it was 1978–whats ten years between friends?–and then I was Curator of Aeronautics. Glad you had a good tour!
      Best regards

  2. Walt: In re Carswell AFB, Tx. In the fall of 1946 I was a student (for 6 weeks) at Castleberry Elementary School River Oaks TX, one mile east of the Carswell runway. Those were the days of mixed blue and Forest Green uniforms.

    I remember well the ground shaking during B-36 take offs.

    By the way- did you ever run into Mike Mosier back in the B-47 days. He was a member of the B-47 IOC team, Last assignment Air Attache in Lisbon.

    Don Mackison
    Boulder Colorado

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