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Douglas XO-35/XB-7

Douglas XB-7

Given that the success of corporations depend upon its people, it is not surprising that the life of a corporation often mirrors that of human beings. If corporations are examined in this light, one can see certain characteristics in their early years that forecast how they will develop in their later years. It might just ...

The Adaptable, Perennial Warrior: the B-52

A B-52H from Barksdale AFB flying over the desert. (US Air Force file photo)

This nation should be very grateful to General Curtiss E. LeMay, for many reasons. First and foremost is his combat leadership in Europe, where he personally led formations of B-17s and B-24s against the toughest targets, creating new tactics as he did so. Then there is his combat leadership in Asia, where he exercised true ...

Boeing E-3A AWACS Early Warning

Boeing E-3A AWACS

“I love the mission. I love the fact that we’re the eyes and ears. That’s the coolest part.” — Airman Nicholas Cotter, Radar Technician, 552d Air Control Wing. As Airman Cotter indicates, the crews of the modern Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft understand that they are doing more than controlling battles, interdicting drug traffic ...

Razorback P-51C start-up at Warhawk Air Museum

Razorback P-51

The Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, Idaho operates a scarce razorback P-51C Mustang. The sights and sounds of this magnificent Mustang are captured in this brief video from Airailimages. The great historian, museum director, writer, photographer, Bell-P-39 aficionado Fred Johnsen captured these on his Go Pro camera. The airplane is significant for it is one ...

The Sincerest Flattery of All: The Tupelo TU-4

The Tu-4B.

It was famously said of Ginger Rogers that she did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. The same comparison might be drawn between the Tupolev Tu-4 and the Boeing B-29, for the Russians did almost everything the Americans did by reverse engineering (the backwards part) and in about half the time ...